Why File Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Law Santa Cruz

  • September 24, 2012
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Why File Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Law Santa Cruz

When people hear the word “bankruptcy” they often think only of the negative connotations or stigma associated with the term, so you may ask yourself, “why file bankruptcy?”  The fact of the matter is that there are distinct advantages to declaring bankruptcy.  By having an attorney who understands bankruptcy law in Santa Cruz, you can eliminate credit card debt, stop creditor harassment, stop wage garnishments and stop lawsuits among other advantages.  You may not be required to pay back all of your credit card debt or possibly any at all if you declare bankruptcy.  Be sure to contact our office before consolidating your debt.  If you file bankruptcy, by law creditors and debt collectors must stop contacting you, they must work through your attorney.  Bankruptcy will allow to keep your hard earned money and not have your wages garnished any longer.  And finally, if you declare bankruptcy, you are protected from lawsuits from banks, creditors and debt collectors.  Contact Balam Letona to set up a free consultation and take advantage of the California bankruptcy laws set up to protect you.

Video Transcript:

Many people come to my office feeling really scared and intimidated about even having to consider filing bankruptcy. There are usually feelings of guilt, of shame of anger of frustration and they wonder why should they file bankruptcy. Well the bankruptcy process was created for people just like that if you are behind on your credit card debts, if you are behind on your car loan if you are behind on your home loan, the bankruptcy process, the bankruptcy law was created for you it was provided…it is provided to you it is created to give you a fresh start to start all over again.  I will listen to you. I will answer any question that you have about bankruptcy. I know it’s a difficult process and I will help you through this process.

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