Why File Bankruptcy? Santa Cruz

  • September 25, 2012
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Why File Bankruptcy? Video #2

Why file bankruptcy? Santa Cruz.  Video #2

For a better understanding of what experienced attorney Balam Letona can do for you, take the time to read this transcript or take a few minutes to watch the video.  If you are asking, why file bankruptcy in Santa Cruz, Balam will help you through this process.

Video Transcript:

“You may be asking yourself “should I file bankruptcy?” Many people are very worried that they’ll never be able to get credit if they file bankruptcy and that’s simply not true. It’s been my experience that people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy get credit cards offers after they file and after they are done with their chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s been my experience that I’ve seen people who have successfully completed their chapter 13 plans  get credit after they filed bankruptcy. But their may be another reason why you do not want to file. Maybe you feel shame, maybe you feel guilt. Well, the bankruptcy process was created for you. Something I like to tell many people is that there are thousands of creditors; there are thousands of companies that file bankruptcy every day. And they look at it as a business decision, that’s all. They look at what their debt is and what their income is or if they’re not matched or if their debt is too much they file bankruptcy. I invite you to consider the same thing. I invite you to think about filing bankruptcy as a business decision, as a way to restart your financial get a fresh start. Call me, I invite you to meet me, sit down, we can talk I’ll answer any question that you may have I’ll listen to your story, if you are frustrated or angry, whatever it is I will listen to you and answer any questions that you might have. I am available by telephone, by email and also by appointment. The first consultation is always free.”

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