Identity Theft Ring Busted in Santa Cruz – What do the victims do?

  • September 18, 2012
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A large identity theft ring was busted in Santa Cruz County. The County Sheriff’s Office went to the home of the thieves and found a “treasure trove” of stolen mail, stolen property, and, of course, plenty of drugs. It’s been my experience that many identity thieves steal to fuel their addiction.

Click here for the Santa Cruz Sentinel Identity Theft article

Based on the article it looks like the thieves opened up many credit card accounts and there are folks in Santa Cruz County or elsewhere that need help.

If your identity has been stolen or compromised do the following:

1) Request Your Free Credit Report

2) Complete a FTC Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit

3) Dispute any information on your credit report that is in error. You must dispute directly with the credit reporting agencies. All disputes must be in writing and MAIL in your dispute.

4) Put a freeze on your credit report with Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

For Experian click here

For Transunion click here

For Equifax click here

By law even if you’ve obtained a prior, free credit report you can still obtain one if you are or suspect you are a victim of identity theft.

You can call this office and I would be happy to guide you in the above process. My consultations are free.

Balám Letona

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