Car Repossession Santa Cruz

  • September 24, 2012
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Car Repossession Santa Cruz

Most of us need our vehicle to keep our lives going.  Whether it is for getting to work, school or just to do our grocery shopping our car or truck is a necessity of life.  In these tough economic times, it is possible though that you may not have been able to make payments and thus your car maybe subject to repossession from the creditor.  However, your creditor may not have the right to take your car and therefore you need to know the repossession laws in California and all of your rights.  Did you know that a bank or bank agent is not allowed to come into you home  or garage to get the car?  That they must send you a letter stating they have taken your car?  That they must give you the chance to take your things from the car?  Having a lawyer who is well versed with these laws is paramount if you want avoid the hassle, frustration or distress that can come from having your car repossessed.  Balam Letona is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney when it comes to car repossession in Santa Cruz.

Vehicle Repossession Video Transcript:

Your car has been repossessed or it is about ready to be repossessed. You are receiving harassing phone calls from the car creditor, they’re calling you constantly.  They’re calling your family over and over again.  They’re calling your place of employment.  They are driving by your house trying to get your car.  You are confused, you don’t what to do. Call my office.  I can explain to you what the car repossession laws are in California.  I can also tell you what the fair debt laws are.  You don’t have to go through this alone.  I am here to help.  Call me and I can guide you through the process and help you.

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